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This video is a call to action to Machine Shops in the Los Angeles area to specify KaiserSelect® Rod and Bar from their Distributor for their next aluminum machining project. Kaiser Aluminum has a world-class extrusion facility in Los Angeles producing aluminum extrusions that will improve manufacturing throughput, reduce your machining waste and lower overall machining costs. This proves that “the material does matter” states Tom Gannon, Vice President of Marketing for Kaiser Aluminum. If you’re not asking your distributor for KaiserSelect®, you are likely to incur whatever you’ve experienced in the past in terms of throughput and productivity.
With KaiserSelect®, you get a product that processes better, with finer chip formation, reducing waste and lowering overall machining costs. Next time you’re ordering extruded aluminum rod and bar, Gannon urges you to tell your distributor you want KaiserSelect®, and that you want to run a machining trial to “experience it yourself.” Kaiser Aluminum will partner with your distributor, come into your shop and run a head to head comparison with the competition. You will find out that “the material does matter” and that KaiserSelect® does make a difference in your throughput and in reducing machining waste and costs.