Aerospace Demand and the Prospects for Aluminum Part II
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Aerospace Demand & the Prospects for Aluminum The Aluminum Channel™ Exclusive Interview with Richard Aboulafia Part II Military
In this December 2014 one hour segment, aviation industry leading expert on forecasting, Richard Aboulafia of Teal Group, shares his company’s civil and military aircraft forecast through 2023.  Mr. Aboulafia utilizes his years of experience writing for Teal’s World Military and Civil Aircraft Briefing, Aviation Week and Space Technology, Forbes.Com, and AIAA’s Aerospace America, to provide the latest perspective on the future of aerospace, and the implications that has for aluminum.  You will see the most recent Teal forecast data for all aircraft segments, from civil twin and single isles,  to military UAVs.  Mr. Aboulafia also provides observations on the impact the cost of oil could have on the industry, the future of composites, new platforms vs. re- engining, and the sustainability of the current order and delivery rates, and what that could mean for aluminum long-term.